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Love Will Carry Me Through



My fiance, the love of my life, is peacefully sleeping, but I'm awake super early for a Sunday. I really appreciate him and feel so very lucky to have him. We're going through some tough times financially and career-wise, but I feel that we can get through this together and come out the other side. Together we're stronger than just one, and I am better with him than without. I cannot imagine life without him.

So, I know I can get through this, with him by my side. I am so used to having to do it all alone - 46 years, really. I was mainly single all of my life, until now. Or, really, I hadn't had many long-term relationships - all failures, and mainly all bad. But this relationship... this is a good relationship, a healthy and strong relationship, and one that keeps growing stronger and better every day.

I still cannot believe it has come together the way it has. Just two months ago we were long distance, and now we're living together and engaged. If things hadn't gone the way they did, we may not have been able to be together. It was unexpected and unplanned, him being here that is, or really, it was ahead of the schedule we had planned, but it's worked out for the best.

The universe knows what's best I suppose, and makes those things happen. Or, maybe it's God. I do think that a higher power brought us together - maybe it was the Angels. It feels like it was divine. Some who don't believe in God or Angels may protest, but hey, it's my blog, and that's what I believe.

And we've been up against obstacles, but we keep conquering them. I know we can get through this... and I know I am better off now than I was. I don't know where I would be mentally or emotionally right now if he weren't here - going through what I am. I would have been still living at my parents, with only half a job to speak of. I think I would have become severely depressed again if he weren't here with me. I could easily see that happening, especially if I were still living at home at this point. Moving out has been empowering, and it was much needed. I can see that now.

So, this morning I am grateful for having him in my life - as I am each and every day. Love WILL get me through.


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