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funny story


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no kidding, I got dumped one time, the girl said I was too attractive. she said she liked dating guys who were more on the ugly side. I didn't really understand that. hell, I still don't. must be some kind of complex.

2 years later I end up being her friend on facebook and notice that she was in a new relationship. yup, that guy is definitely ugly. made me laugh. she found what she was looking for I suppose.

after she dumped me and told me the reason, I was at the bar that night drinking my sorrows away. I actually liked her and was feeling down because of it. told the guy who was drinking next to me that I got dumped and why. we had a good laugh over it.

hah. that's my life.

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you want to know whats my life? not being able to hold any form of romantic interest for longer than a month. 3 guys over a span of like 8 years. nothing long term. didnt even have a chance to call these guys a boyfriend. I am "talking" to a guy that I knew from high school and we have fun talking but we talk serious sometimes and I asked him if he would ever put in the effort to be with someone who has suffered and will suffer from mental health disorders. And I sh** you not he said "if i care about someone then i will put in the effort" I bawled because I got dumped from these 3 guys because they did not know the real me and didn't make the effort. I BAWLED last night. And as for you being dumped like that I am super sorry I think you are very cute in your profile pic. I do have a fear of overly good looking guys and i have an insecurity about my weight so I will not pursue a guy if I think they are outside "my lane." but if a hot/cute/handsome guy wanted to date me and wasnt a jerk then sure I would stay with him. but to tell a guy im going to date an ugly guy...okay honey you go right ahead that leaves more open water for me. HAHA. 

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