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Tomorrow and Beyond..



Lately it feels like I have been stuck in this rut... it is so much easier to stay in bed and accomplish nothing.. distract myself all day long.. lately it's just been going to appointments.. mainly therapy.. shopping whenever I need things.. then going home.. I said this year would be different.. that I would reach out to friends more.. but here I sit still stuck.. like I am waiting for the next disaster.. that is how I got myself into this pattern.. for a number of years I was moving from place to place.. no steady place to stay.. I didn't want to commit to anything because the moment I did something would go wrong and I would have to stop everything and handle a crisis.. now I rent a room at a friends place.. I still have this fear I am going to be kicked out at any point as it was never meant to be an arrangement to for on for 4 years.. we have had issues in the past where they indicated I should find another place to live.. nothing recent at all.. its like day in and day out goes by... and I am tired.. I am tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop.. so today I am telling myself that I am going to stop this cycle and start doing the things I need to do to be more stable in life.. I named this blog the sun will rise again.. because it does.. every day is a chance to start over.. I can do this.. I will do this.


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The sun will rise as you say, the thing is you have to be part of that sun.You be your own sun. Things get so hard, but all it takes is one moment, to actually think...then take that thought to the next level. You can do this, we all can do this. It is SO HARD, each day has its own hurdles, and it will NEVER be easy no matter what. Sometimes it will be good for a long period of time and we just need to relish in that, but still hold steady as the darkness seems to always return. But that is why we come here, to this site, to connect with those who know the pain or struggles we go through. Hang in there. You are not alone!


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hi @NoraRae thanks for the support I really appreciate it.. sorry for the late reply.. not sure why I don't receive notices on blog comments even when I click to be notified.. anyways.. I haven't felt alone in a long while on here at least :) so comforting to find like minded people..

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