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Fake Advice

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Yes I am guilty of many of these, no I don't encourage or condone them. However, I have seen the first two recommended far too often both in this forum and in real life. 


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I'd suggest if you see anyone advising any of these 'tips' to vulnerable people on this website or anywhere else for that matter, you report them.

This is not advise, this is sarcasm and aimed to keep someone in a bad place or worse.

After a certain amount of years I think many will say, 'Ah I recognize this', as they have applied these tips during either teenage angst years or turbulent 20's, heck possibly 30's. I know I have.

But at some point there has to be the acknowledgement of it not being helpful.

Which book is this from anyway?

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@LouisRiel Ah thanks for the author. Yeah, the sarcasm is dripping off of those pages.

The anti med/ therapy thing can be troublesome yes, I am slightly anti-med but more in the context of not agreeing with a random doc prescribing something with the notion it'll fix it all. Therapy on the other hand can be very useful once someone finds the best fitting ones. I believe once someone finds that, the need for medication becomes less. But this is different in every case.

Thanks again for the author!

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