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Official Irony



So Vladimir Putin's ginger concubine got himself inaugurated today or yesterday? Or some other day. Good for him. 

Being many, many, many, many and still not enough thousand miles away, I'm in better position than most to pretend this isn't happening. But I think I might make an exception for Melania Trump. I can just tell she is going to be absolutely fascinating. I just hope she hasn't already done her best work in completely unselfconsciously throwing herself into the important cause of eradicating online bullying. She could have plumped instead for, say, eradicating landmines, mental health awareness, infectious diseases research, decriminalisation, disarmament, fewer Kardashians or any one of a boundless number of worthwhile causes. But nope, she leap straight into the darkly and delightfully amusing. 

Online bullying of all things!? Any danger, Melania, of starting with your husband's Twitter feed? Ah, you couldn't make this stuff up.







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Isn't there a rule?  The pet cause of the American first lady has to sound good, but be completely unobtainable?  The Nancy 'War on Drugs" has been such a failure.  I would not mind a simple failure.  But it cost a lot. Not just money, but incarceration or minorities etc.


Well, one could probably say the same about  most american pet causes.


It seems that the first rule of that family is to embrace hypocrisy while denying it.   The age of Post-Truth  has begun.  But let's not talk politics.

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Silly, foreign me. I did not know it had to be a pipe dream and I don't know that knowing that now makes it any better. I shouldn't care of course, and I don't, sort of, except that:

a. America is a superpower with an acute pi**y-streak. This can only end one way.

b. He is the dumbest, most hypersensitive and dangerous ____ alive

c. He is the dumbest, most hypersensitive and dangerous ____ alive

d. e. f. g. h. i...etc. He is the dumbest, most hypersensitive and dangerous ____ alive



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