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Good Day So Far!

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I woke up this morning feeling good. Last night was a test...had an argument with my significant other. It happens. We're both very opinionated and strong-willed people, and when our thinking and opinions don't line up, we let each other know about it. I got overly emotional and acted in an uncharacteristic way...normally, I try to be very patient and understanding, and to always think about where the other person is coming from. Last night, because it was an issue that affected me negatively emotionally, I got even more emotional when I thought I wasn't being fully understood and supported. I reacted poorly.

But here's the great part - we took a 20-30 minute cool down period, and when we started talking again, we were both apologetic and ready to be rational and understanding with each other again. I don't think the value of that aspect of our relationship can be understated, you know? I'm so grateful to be in love with a girl who is this amazing. I'm so grateful to be in an actual adult, healthy relationship for a change. I truly am the luckiest guy on earth.

So I was feeling good about that last night. I love that we can sort this stuff out quickly. Going to bed angry/upset with the person you're with is one of the worst things in the world. I'm super grateful that I haven't had to do that with my girl since we started this newest relationship, and tbh I don't really see a scenario when I'll ever have to. We're both very quick to admit when we're wrong and apologize. It's just...awesome.

I was already in a good mood when I woke up, and then I realized my FedEx package with my meds was already here. I called in that Patient Assistance, free medication program prescription yesterday around 3pm. Sixteen hours later, the meds are at my front door. I'm so grateful for that...after so many years of frustration with pdocs and meds and prescriptions, I've found one that really works. I get it for free, and they ship it right to my door. Again...I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I must have been being a good person lately, because it feels like Karma is spoiling me. It's wonderful to feel like the universe is rewarding me instead of prisonraping me, lol :Coopyahoo:

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