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New Perspective



It's so true...everything we experience is a matter of perception. We really get to choose how we experience life. God, that's an empowering thought, right? We have control of that.

I was just listening to a song I like called The Bad Side of 25. Obviously its about crossing the 25 year old age mark and the feelings that go along with that. And even though I've always enjoyed the song, I kind of felt sad, because I felt like I was on the bad side of 25. But out of nowhere just now, I just got hit by a brainstorm...I may be on the bad side of 25, but I'm on the good side of 35.

*Boom goes the dynamite*


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( I always love it when people end with BOOM! or I get a chance to say it..except it also means Tree in my native language so my brain goes a bit bonkers haha)

Boom! Tree! What!?

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