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Insomnia>Sleeping Meds Tonight

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This is it, this is the night I forget about all year long, but the one night that happens every year. Every year in December here on the Gulf Coast, at some random time before Christmas, we always have a very weird, creepy night. It's in the weather. It's a smell. You can feel it in your bones. It's like the whole world, and everything on it, takes a deep breath and lies still. Even the weather phoned it in tonight. The air is thick, on the verge of fog...it deadens any sounds that might be being made before they can travel far. It's not hot or cold, or even warm or cool...it's like the air is completely devoid of a temperature. The breeze is listless and has almost a desperate, dying feel to it. The sky is cloudy, a grayish-red color that makes you think of the word "witchlight." The clouds move across the sky in spurts and stops...speeding up and then running out of gas. The very air tries to lull you into a stupor...you find yourself swaying on your feet and staring off into the witchlit horizon.



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