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Lady Mozzer


There has been a lot of stress in my life lately.It`s my Mom that`s really been suffering,She recently had surgery.Her surgery went well and she is healing well physically.It seemed after the surgery she developed insomnia.We  and her doctor think that her insomnia has caused her to have really bad anxiety.She is really going through a really tough time right now.I feel absolutely helpless because there is nothing I can do to ease her suffering.I`ve never seen my Mom like this and it really scares me.She has always been the rock of our family.It really hurts me to see her this way.She is seeing another doctor on Monday to see if anxiety is really the cause of her problems.We are all praying that my Mom gets better soon.We all really need and love her.She is the kindest ,most generous person and she doesn`t deserve this.If anyone is reading this please keep her and my family in your thoughts and prayers.Thanks for reading.


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I sure will keep y'all in my thoughts and I might even try out a prayer or two for you! :console:

I can tell you from experience that anxiety level during the day is directly related to the amount and quality of sleep you get at night. Insomnia = anxiety. Hopefully her doctor is one of the good ones and treats the insomnia first. If you guys can get her sleeping right, chances are great that her anxiety symptoms will fix themselves.

Good luck to you, your mama, and everybody else in your family!

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