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Not so great and positive right now..



Not much to say...I had a relatively good day, but I feel worse for that, because someone I love is having an especially difficult day. I would die to be able to trade places with her, let her have my good day and take her bad feelings away for her. I know this is bound to happen...I can't make someone happy all the time. I wish I could, though. I sure wish I could. Words don't help, and I'm not there to wrap her up in my arms and kiss her and snuggle and make cute noises until she forgets why she was sad in the first place. :coopcray:


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Thankfully, love and happiness doesn't exactly work the way one might expect. Just having that person is more than enough to carry them through the day.

So even though you are not there physically, emotionally is just as powerful. No need to trade places. You're still making it easier.

If it were the way we expect, I don't think any relationship would work.

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