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A Day In a Cult

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I have always been fascinated with cults, and I love watching their documentaries. The ones I watch are scary but I can't blame people if they get brainwashed by these people. 

This happened a year ago when my friend was approached by a woman who asked if she would like to join a bible study. I am a Christian but at the same time, I'm not? (I've been baptized lol, but I was baptized as a Catholic as well). I thought it would be fun to go on a bible study, and my friend did too. So we agreed to go. This was close to Easter. My friend and I are of different schools so we met up at a place, and we met the lady. She seemed really nice and friendly. Now, I'm sure y'all would be annoyed at how stupid we are for going to these places. Just know that before we went, we made sure that it was a legit church and we also made sure that we had each orher's back (not to be brainwashed). We didn't know it was a cult at first. 

We met the lady at the bus station, and she brought us to the church. The church was so small, it was like an apartment. Outside of it is a baseball court (weird right). 

So we went into the church and was brought into a room. There were other women as well and they looked so fragile but excited. Now, in the room, it was just a woman and 2 of us. She explained the purpose of the church which I honestly don't recall and then proceeded to play a video that was 45 MINUTES LONG. The wHOLE ******* VIDEO WAS LITERALLY ABOUT ALL THE BRANCHES THEY HAVE (especially in the developing countries) anD HOW THEY ALL GATHER TO KOREA TO MEET THE MOTHER. Y'all, this mother apparently hears the word of God. THEY EVEN HAVE A CHANT. "we love you" LIKE O MY GAWD. So that went on and on and on about how they have churches in Kenya and India and China idk. I started to get really wary because I was scared to get brainwashed. The video ended and they offered us food. OK YALL MAY THINK IM RIDICULOUS BUT I DID NOT TOUCH THE FOOD BECAUSE I WAS SCARED. My friend felt the same way too. Then, she started to do bible study with us. 

Ok, here's the confusing part. She literally jumps from verses to verses throughout the book and mAKING A STORY OUT OF IT. So its basically taking a verse out and creating a new context and putting those verses together. 

Throughout the bible study, she kept saying baptism baptism baptism. She said that the only way to God was baptism, and eating at the right time when God sacrificed himself. I'm not going to lie. I have a weak mind, and if I didn't have a friend, I probably would have joined the church. Here's a reason why. I feel lonely, I feel like I want a support group, and right in front of my eyes, these people looked like they were able to provide me as such. I didn't know where I belong, I just want to feel like I belong. It's exactly like the episode in Boy Meets World where Shawn joined a cult because he never felt like he had a place in the world and the cult gave me a sense of belonging. I understood how he felt, and I yearned for that feeling too. My friend, on the other hand, was much more stronger. At the end of the bible study, all they wanted us to do is to be baptized. I've already been baptized so I'm good, but my friend has not (and she admitted though I wish she didn't) and their eyes immediately LIT. THEY WERE EXCITED. They started pushing my friend to get baptized and I had to say, "oh no, she has to consult her parents first" like hell, we were only 17. They kept pushing and pushing. It was already 8:30pm at night. As I looked around the room, I realized...... they were all women. and they look so sad. They just seemed so lost....so robotic. 

My friend and I quickly rushed out of the place anD we went to google "Mother of God" and it was stated as a cult. We weren't surprised but we were glad that we got out of there. 

My point of the story isn't exactly how I was able to leave the cult. It's more like why these cults exist and thrive. 

These people take their chances and find people that are unhappy and vulnerable. They give them the sense of protection and warmth, making it difficult to leave. I am really lucky that I had a friend by my side, because we reminded each other that we are not alone. Yet, at the back of my mind, I was tempted to join. I want to have friends, I thought maybe these women would be able to understand what I'm going through. 

These cults thrive because people like you and me exist. We want to validate our existence, we want to feel loved. We want someone to tell us what to do, because we feel like we are going nowhere. We want to forget our sufferings because we believe that these people could help take it away. 

I can't tell you how to stay away or detect cults, I can't tell you anything much. I can just tell you how I almost got pulled into a cult because of what they offer. Belonging.

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The line between religion and cults is basically non-existent. You could make the argument that all religious sects are cults.

All of it freaks me out and makes my legs want to run away.

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I remember going to Switzerland once, with my father. He was guiding a tour and I had summer holidays from school.. so I went with him. At a particular stop/visit he told me not to speak to anyone, look at anyone or follow anyone. Later on I learned that site was a hunting ground. A cult was roaming the tourist spot, trying to lure new members.

To this day I appreciate the love and protection of my father, but I have to admit I went looking for them.

Never found any scary cult members though. I kinda wish I had.


I am fascinated by the concept.

I think you are right to say they exist because of people like you and me.

It sounds safe though, so I won't hate on cults.


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