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I need to meditate on my breaks and use my time as my most important resourse. If you died what would you differently. Sense of urgency. 
Take it all ideas. Make sure you use a G2 and nice journal. Start keeping a journal at al times so you can get better and 
capture all ideas. Take notes everywhere and etch. Get the mental effort to get the journal and the picture clear as possible.
Make sure you take notes. Focus is important. You focus on what is awesome. The most valuable resource is time.
Don't spend it on bulls***. I am trying to get 999 billion dollars. I am trying to get the most chedder possible. I want to help
other people. My mission is to make 999 billion dollars #1 player of all time. Top of the food chain. Leader. Time management Browser black out.
Waste time. Browser black out. Need to do a better job to not have browser blackout. I trust that if I do this. I need to meditate on my breaks.

Long term goals 1 year 999 billion dollars year 5 1 trillion dollars year 10 2 trillion dollars 20 year 3 trillion dollars. Inspire the heart and the soul.
Fishing. Bass boat. All fishing. Become a master fisherman. Own a Nascar team or a racing team. You have to dream. Mansion like the playboy mansion.
Playmates of all races as girlfriends. The best athlets as my friends and I can coach them. Chiefs KC Sporting KC tickets HALL OF FAME BOWLER.
Mercedez Benz two suv's Buick Grandnational

Short Range goals. To meditate on my breaks. Work hard. Build batches be passionate. This weekend walk 5 miles a day. Don't eat and lean up. Work 
so hard I am miserable. Play the lottery everyday. You have to spend money to make money. Stick to it. A breakthrough is right around the corner. You
show God you won't quit with this 999 billion he will be like alright dooty ere you go. Do whatever it takes. If it takes reading I will read
if it takes me starving my starving myself I will do. I know one day it will be worth it. If I have one good day it can turn into two days. Fat people put sleep over
working out. Fat people put lots of over working out. Poor people put lots of before making money.

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