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I Think, Therefore I'm Depressed



The reason my blog is called "I Think" is because that is the root of all my problems.  Well my depression/anxiety at least.  I'm not saying this to brag, but although I'm not formally educated, I have a pretty high IQ.  I think that the majority of people on here probably do too.  It's us thinkers who get into trouble.  We just think too much.  I think the less intelligent people, the simple people, are probably much happier in life.  Because they aren't stuck in their heads.  

We think we can think our way out of depression, when it's our very thoughts (negative) that are keeping us stuck.  We wallow in the mud that we create in our minds, and we wonder when it's going to get better.  Well it's not going to get better by wallowing in it.  Our negative thoughts and negative self-talk are bad habits.  I am so very guilty of this.  I'm constantly monitoring my mood, constantly comparing myself to other people and thinking I'm coming up short.  I see others here all doing the same thing.  Thinking is bad.  If only we could completely switch off our minds and take a break from the constant stream of thoughts.  


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ive often noticed this but i wonder if its not simply intelligence.  ive known people with learning disabilities who are not book smart but are otherwise sharp who get depressed and tend to over think things.

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Hmmm...  if they have learning disabilities it does not mean they are not very intelligent.  Book smart isn't intelligence, it's stuff you've learned, isn't it?  

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yes!!!! I often tell this to my friends. ...

nobody gets me ...

there is so much going on inside my head ..

that I wish I could just ...



I will finally have



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