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*****breakthrough***** I had an emphany that I don't want to be ripped and be a pimp and 999 billion dollars too badly...Why?
Because I choose sleep and relaxing over those things. If I truely wanted those things instead of sleeping I would jump
my happy ass out of bed and do massive action. Every time I choose working out towards getting ripped over sleep over
everything it sends a signal to my brain that "Yes this is what it takes to be ripped" Everytime I go out rather
than coming home and relaxing it sends a signal to my brain "yes this is what it takes to be a pimp. Everytime I go the extra
mile at work or spend the extra dollar on the lotto I tell myself "This is the kind of balls out massive action it takes to be 
successful at whatever you are doing. Commitment to excellence. Commitment Enthusiasm do what you love. 
10 Keys to Personal Power
1. Clarity
2. Competence
—Excellence yields opportunities
—Hard work yields improvement
—The market pays for excellence
3. Concentration
—Key to Effectiveness
—Best use of time
—Sense of urgency
—Completion of every task
4. Common Sense
—Train your mind
—Think things through
—Listen to your intuition
—Learn from setbacks
5. Creativity
—Tap creative potential
—Look for better ways
—Be flexible
—Ask questions
—Have one new idea
6. Consideration
—Relationships determine success
—People skills
—Golden rule
—Learn to listen
—Most firings result from personal problems
7. Consistency
—Dependable work is superior
—Consistency in relationships
—Guard your integrity
—Consistency in personal development
8. Commitment
—to your company, boss, job
—to your family and friends
—to yourself, your career, and success
—to your goals
9. Courage
—Confront your fears
—Dare to go forward
—Avoid ruts
—Be a little afraid
—No security, just opportunity
—Fear of failure begets failure
—Persist despite adversity
10. Confidence
—Self-doubt can paralyze
—Self-confidence begets achievement
—Behave confidently


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