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12/04/2016 part 2



12/04/2016 I woke up early today. I have two things on my mind. Getting my body, mind and spirit in awesome shape. I am going to take massive action.
I am going to do whatever it takes to be the #1 businessman of all-time. Roth 401k save money network build skils kiss butt where need be
WHATEVER IT TAKES. I am doing that to inspire myself and inspire others. Being sensitive to being inspired is a skillset. If you aren't on the lookout on what moves you
you will always be depressed and bla. Be on the lookout what can get you out of depression or at-least keep yourself from ******* yourself. Everyday you don't eat a bullet
is a day closer to getting out of a hole. YOU INSPIRE SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW YOU INSPIRE BY JUST BEING ALIVE. So get your butt to a theropist or something. Some sort of
action. It is important to have a clear vision or outcome you want in life all the way down to small situations. One reason of millions to get that
vision as clear as possible is so when you are learning you can say to yourself "This is important for my vision because with this skill I can make my dream a reality"
I need to save money, invest money, learn skills, build toughness, build my pain tolerence, so I can be the #1 businessman of all-time. So always get clear and clearer
on your vision. I was able to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play today. They did awesome. I met with my friends Adam and Jason. We had a great time. I felt good for most of the day.
I went to the casino lost about 30 dollars, but had fun. I was planning on really kind of having a crappy day, but it was good. B+ Back to work tomorrow. On the grind. 


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