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12/03/2016 part 2



***breakthrough*** I woke up today in some fear. Fear that I wouldn't get what I want that I would get side tracked from my goals of 999 billion dollars
being #1 businessman of all time. I said this encantation that helped I woke up in a bit of fear today. I like this saying. "I am fully complete the way I am. I don't need anything. I come from the frame of abundance. I am here to provide value to any situation"
That is a great situation to get me out of fear. I can stop thinking about what am I going to lose. I already have plenty of everything. Just need to add value to situations.
Adding value to Raymonds sponsership is amazing on your part as well. You always have to have an open mind to have a breakthrough. The idea Raymond might give you
could launch your game your money into another level. Having an open mind is a skill you have to cultivate, excersize and build.  I played some farming simululator. Picking
up logs is such a pain in the ass. Oh my GOD!!KU won. Everyone looked good. I ate too much. Going to have to work hard tomorrow on staying present and having the presense of mind 
not to go too big on the overeating. We went bowling it was good. I bowled a bit over my average and we won 4 games.  I had a girl at the gas station that gave me a free fountain diet mountain dew.
That made me feel good. I don't let my mind and my emotions dictate who I am. I am not my mind.


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