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Good job from me to walk away from a meal not overeating and not eating pie. Yesterday I went to bed a bit hungry. I try not to eat before bed. Your body stores fat easily when you go to bed full. I had to hone, flex and cultivate
my self-discipline muscle of going to bed yesterday. I don't feel great today. I made a video about completing against other people. When I think about
my self-discipline being so far ahead of other people I achieve near God-like status that stokes the fire. When I am so far ahead of people by being
a humble executer that people are amazed and ask me how did I do it that stokes my desire to keep going. I was able to walk away from my catfish dinner.
I was able to leave pie at the table.

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You really don't need to go to bed hungry, it's proven to be a myth that your body stores fat easily when you go to bed full. It's the overall calories during the day that matter. But I wouldn't say that eating yourself full just before bed is wise either since it's hard to sleep on a full tummy (at least for me it is uncomfortable).

But I know the amazing feeling of being able to walk away from things you crave for. Makes you feel you feel in charge, doesn't it?

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