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Need to come up with description of success you have to put down sight, hearing, sound, what it feels like etc. I would envision myself
in brooks brothers pants, nice high end polo's, for sports have the best jersey's, also a wide arange of funny shirts. Boss 429, 2 jeeps
BMW SUV, and ferrari in the garage. Steak and fish, and fresh veggies and fresh fruit to eat. Great video games and arcade games to play
pinball machines to play. Alice Eve, Krystenn ritter, Elsiha cuthbert on speed dial. People hitting me up on social media all the time
999 billion dollars. Money to gamble, putting money on bets online and on the lottery, working for a charity that feels good.
Great enthusiasim most of the time. This will happen 2026. Living breathing success. Record your vision every two weeks. I got the buffalo in Farming simulator.
Now I can really harvest some trees. I was able to go to Planet Fitness. I can always excersize, grow, and hone my ability to be self-disiplined. 
Everytime I excersize my ability to self-discipline myself it gives me more freedom. It is totally counterintoitive Leena needs to be on my vision board.


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