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first and last political post.



In this country we have gone to a two party that has weaponized, we have become two totalitarian governments that hate each other. That super hate each other, that are just waring over each other for who's in control, and everyone has forgotten how to be a moderate. We need to remember it's not which side wins you represent 100% of the people and 50% of those people don't agree with you. We've got to have compromise between the two. We can not get caught up in the that 50% is 100% right. That the other 50% have rights they have an opinion that needs to be respected, that what they want is still valid. That we've got to work together to find that middle road. Instead of that your either extremist A or extremist B, that if you vote in the middle you can stay in your position. That's the problem, we have drive people to such extremes that they are afraid to the right thing because they will lose there job. That moderate has now been a bad word. George Washington warned that a two party system would rip this country apart and it has. The last "third" party president was Zachary Taylor for the whig party. Then even that it was not a true third party it was an off shoot of Republican party. I love America to be it's the best country in the world, but damn it this what we have become in nothing to be proud of. We have people that fight and fought for this country yet those are the ones no one wants to talk about them. Freedom is not free, just because you were born in a free country does not mean you have the right to freedom. Freedom is a gift, not a right. A country dividing will surely fail.


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