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Election Depression



Many Americans and like minded people are now jumping on the band wagon of their choice and that’s okay at this given moment. It does remind me of those old movies where all of the western settlers ride with reckless abandonment to stake a claim for the golden acres out west. Ride 'em high, cowboys, as you trample the land to some perceived higher ground. 

Was there any higher ground in this one-two punch out election? Is there now? Both candidates were deplorable merchandise.  Everyone should have been aware of this going into November 9th’s election, unless blinded by their own ideology to think any differently.

Now the insanity has began. Fighting from shallow foxholes as the ground explodes around them. Forming coalitions among like minded riders into the storm of oblivion. 

People hating one another for having some vague point of view of how the country could have been better if the outcome of the election was different.

The election was a beauty contest with two untrainable ugly dogs. Where we go from here will hopefully be up to those left standing with both feet grounded in democracy.



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I completely agree, I did not care for either choice. To me they were two sides of the same selfish coin and it hurts to see America so divided and even violent about a difference of opinion/ideology.

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