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2016 Election Poem---



The United States rejected 
All of those previously elected 
For corruption and being unfair 
Yet some ask how could they dare 
Elect a maverick to a powerful chair 

Ethical deficiencies entitled 
Worst case scenarios unbridled 
The truth was always eschewed 
Charitable funds were screwed 
Methods so shrewd 

Unborn babies, killed at birth 
How could you live in mirth 
Life has a new precious song 
With a radical extremist gone 
Destructiveness is were it belongs 

In fear, America did not cower 
They denied chaos it's claim to power 
Casting votes in the eleventh hour 
The tipping point was reached 
Someones' hopes not breached 

America decided she had enough 
It was time to get rid of that old stuff 
The winning vote was for Trump 
The swamp's going to the dump 
I'd like to think we're over the hump 

Now that Hillary's gone 
It time to move on


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