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'Air quotes' and false everythings

Invisible Princess



Why are you always so stupid. You never think before you speak. You never stop to think about the consequences. Maybe if you stopped being so self obsessed, and outwardly Biotchy people would like you better. I don't understand how your 'friends' put up with you, I'm sure once you go to university (if you even get into one) these 'genuinely happy' friendships will just peter out and die. 

Once again your childish behaviour and lack of control has gotten you into a petty argument with someone rarely more irritating than yourself, even though you say everyones more annoying than you (because you're an a******). I suppose at least you recognised that you'd just made everything worse, but I don't know why you ever thought she would ever 'appreciate you standing up for her', no. You were just making it worse. If you hadn't of interfered then it probably all would have blown over. Even if you just tried to help, realised it was a lost cause and "dropped it" as she later told you to, it would have been better. But no, in a desperate attempt for you to get people to like you, you just had to open that big mouth of yours and start up a pointless argument. As if that wasn't bad enough, you claim you couldn't see what rudeness she saw in you but when you actually bothered to switch on the stupid brain of yours you realised it was staring you straight in the face. You never acted any better than she did and your following actions today just proved that. 

That friend you were sticking up for, that friend you trust and who trusts you. Well, maybe she shouldn't, because you did the one thing she told you not to do. Read her reply. Not much but just enough to see it. It was a simple request but you couldn't just act your age for 5 minutes. But what did you get from betraying her trust, just the awful realisation that's led you here, to this place of self-pity, and hatred. To whining like the 5 year old you claim you can't stand, the one who you said you felt sorry for because she just can't see it. But the sad truth is, neither did you.


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