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All about them

Invisible Princess



You look out of the window a year past the day you choose to remember. You see dryer and sunnier weather this time, but one thing is missing from this day, this year. A year later you may know what those letters on the page gave you, what hope they instilled in you, and that they weren't all that they seemed. While those letters choose to reveal more, the person you think about who was there that day chooses to stay away. After all, the letters haven't helped you recently, in fact, no one has, no one except yourself, and that's because that person who you wrongly compare yourself to - at any given opportunity - has been somewhat absent. But what you feel for them isn't anger for a lack of being, it's a longing for them to return. To return to their life and again be a part of yours. You've told them you miss them too many times for you to not hate yourself for doing it, and in your head, deep down, you know what the ultimate conclusion will be...

"Sorry I've been really busy, how have you been :p"

But you knew that was coming, and sadly you know how you will proceed. An encore of the usual "I'm good, so what have you been up to?" will follow suit, but while you type unknowingly and without thinking, somewhere in your mind the later part of that simple sentence you knew was coming will be burning. It burns all your insides and you're left with the embers of regret that are imprisoned in a jail of embarrassment, because you know you've lied, tried to hid beneath the words and letters, and between the lines. While your insides continue to blaze away, your exterior remains calm, collected, and once again your poker face wins. Just. Like. Always.


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