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giving away



Does anyone want my life? I would be more then willing to give it to you, I am not selling it or asking for a trade. I will give you everything I own all the money, the few friends I have, my family everything, my job everything. All I ask is the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. Then I will disappear, you can't get a hold of me or get to worry what I will do or where I will be. I will simply disappear, I will simply no longer exist.


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Well zdude954, I can barely afford the life I have now. This life of depression, pain, hopelessness and regret has cost me my spirit and dignity. If I could take your life and make it wonderful and fulfilling and then give it back, that I would do...Take Care of Yourself...

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Nope not in the deal when you take it, it's yours forever no giving it back. When the deal is struck you never hear or see of me again, I am gone from you and everyone I know. (aka you now know) As the children say no taksies backsies.

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