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What started this whole thing off.

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This is what happened past Wednesday the event that made me want to start trying to stop bottling everything in. Even though it was a past event I felt it deserved its own entry. 


So there exists a woman I have felt for and still feel for. Not that it matters not in this reality but maybe in a better time and place than this she would have been first. I denied view I felt as I denied all other feelings. But then I just couldn't anymore I had to say something. I told that of all the things we had ever done what I enjoyed most was holding her. I told her I wanted to be more together than we each were apart. I told her I didn't want to deny it anymore. She didn't answer right away she told me to kiss her. I gave her one long passionate kiss followed by the gentlest kiss I could muster for some I just poured my heart out to. I still didn't get an answer just silence. I left because I didn't know if I wanted an answer. If I don't know the truth I can always believe its not my fault. Once again I am back to hiding it all.

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