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video games



People will easily point their finger to video games being the problem. Someone shoots up a place, he played violent video games that must be the cause of it. Some of the studies say they are the cause some say they aren't. I have seen some say that they are inconclusive. But has anyone asked what some people have gotten from them. They gave me a place to be safe, where I could be anything I want to be. Where I control the outcome  if I don't like it I can do it again. No one will make fun of me for being to tall, to fat, to dumb, because I pronounced something wrong, and if someone does I can probably hurt them. I could be anything from a great creator or destroyer, I could be a cowboy or a knight is shining armor. But no because I play violent video games there must be something mentally wrong with me. I use them as a haven of safety.


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Yeah I know how you feel, I am very much alike, I play video games because it allows me to escape the world and my problems and be whatever I want to be. If you ask me the whole "Video Games cause crimes" thing is a load of crap, if anything they do the opposite. My parents always say "I don't like you playing (insert game here), it is too violent." But they never consider (sadly enough) how much I need these games so I can escape this world where people hate me and have some fun, if only for a short while.

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45 minutes ago, Jalen said:

 My parents always say "I don't like you playing (insert game here), it is too violent."

When I could afford to buy my own console my father bought me two games halo, and fable two game known for violence. But even before that mortal combat, killer instinct, they would play with me sometimes.  Then I got super Mario Bros for the super Nintendo then to the N64. I played grand theft auto vice city at young age, I have yet to shoot anyone, done any drugs, stole a car. 

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ZDude, exactly, that seems to be the truth of the matter, I never have known anybody who has thought, well I shot a guy in a game, maybe I should try in real life. I know somebody who (LITERALLY) wouldn't hurt a fly who plays GTA V. It feels like parents just don't understand games, and don't take the time to try to understand them, so they get the wrong ideas.

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