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The Vastness




I wanted to feel vastness. After all I'd been working in my small viewless cubicle for the past twelve months. I needed the freedom of the birds flying in whatever direction they decided to tilt their tail feathers. Today would be my first day of breathing fresh air, instead of carbon monoxide laced with the smell of empty garbage trucks rolling down the wide congested streets of the Big Apple. 

I took one last look at the majestic skyscrapers built by Catholic Irishmen who had to hide their religious beliefs until they were granted freedom of worship. The annual parade in honor of the patron saint of Ireland is still one of the biggest events of the year for my city of departure. 

I left watching the lives of people as busy as bees growing to insignificance as we passed the the statue that welcomed all ethnicities. I was surrounded by the bare simplicities one needed to live at peace with the earth. False complications were gone from my life. I was away from that gross insanity. I was one with the wind, as it pulled me away with each puff. My eyes saw the rising sun of a new day, my skin felt it's warm burn. I was drinking in the possibilities before me. The calmness of the ocean filtered into my being with the rays of spring's sun warming my back as drank hot Jasmine tea. 

I still had my fears, but the source of those old abominable apprehensions would now be assuaged by the resplendent glory of a three hundred and sixty degree view of an endless horizon. I'd wake early with the albatross in anticipation of the sunrise to fill my heart with prominent display of primary colors and vibrant hues. 

At night the moon hung on a wall of clear darkness on the other side of the world. I'm content for the first time in decades. I fell asleep hearing only the soft indistinct sounds as I floated on a deep fluid blue garden. Good vibrations of a different cosmopolitan world were now pulsing into my senses as I rolled from side to side. Still smiling at the dreams I had in the night which encompassed all of heaven's delights. My desires became superficial as my goals disappeared. I wanted nothing more from the day except for the quietness to continue as I watched persimmon clouds sailing to the east. 

Each day I was filled with wonderful bliss. Was this a never ending state of mind? The tranquility did end, as the sun suddenly disappeared leaving dark skies and shouting wicked winds wailing. My main sheet was shredding. I waited too long to reef her down. to a manageable size. Would I drown alone in the infamous devil's triangle. I could no longer turn the metaphoric wheel of dreams to hold a steady course. 

My fears surfaced like a scarred breaching whale rising out the now ugly sea. Somehow I beheld the beauty in nature's storm, as God bestowed my inner strength to build with the strong waves as the off beam winds soared. Heavy weather meant riding on turmoils of swarming sharks, testing my hull to its limits. Nature gave me a salty wet slap, pushing me to the hard deck. My mast creaked as I let my jib backwind to stall the boat in a safe heaving-to position. I held on to the gunnels with the gusto of Angels holding back Davy Jones' evil. My hope was restored as the wind slowed down and calm returned revealing a majestic sunset off my starboard. I was saved from a watery grave only with Poseidon's good graces. I found peace in my own solitude as weariness overcame my spirit. I slept under the evening's first stars with a dry blanket as my pillow. 

The horizon changed as the brackish smell of the Chesapeake filled the air. Soon I traveled northward on the slim ribbon of the Potomac's tide waters . The air was still fresh, but I sensed that would end when I saw the tall white obelisk poking into the skies of my destination. I could feel the power of her sublime beauty wrapping around the world, but it wasn't without a price. She did not ask for permissions. She changed life into whatever she wanted rather than giving us her promise of freedom and equality to all. 

I had arrived at my destination. I was both happy and sad to leave the endlessness behind. Happy because I could return some day to live the life. I hide my eyes from the working class people and their unimaginable singular existence. Was this the life I'd known? Today I was still free from her restrictions and planned to visit places of harmonious living whenever possible. Do you want to come along with me next time?


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