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Positivity in the Face of Adversity



Today is a brand new day. I am choosing the positive over the negative and am embracing positivity in the face of adversity. It really has been a s***ty few weeks starting with a car accident costing me $500, almost getting frauded out of $5200 by thieves, then losing a supposed good friend & getting treated poorly by him, then getting turned down for a job I really wanted. I've had it, but I still see the silver linings through all this crap and am thankful for them.... I still have my job, I have a stable living environment, I have the money to fix my car, the thieves didn't get my money & it's safe, I have another interview pending for a different role that is actually even more money, I now see that this friend doesn't belong in my life, I am getting out with friends and am having fun, I've reconnected with an ex boyfriend which is all positive, and things are generally pretty good so I really have nothing to complain about, despite all this crap that has been happening one thing after another. Our true strength lies in how we handle adversity in life, and I refuse to let it beat me down and get the best of me.. and certainly not today. I will prevail!! LOL.

It is a brand new day, full of new possibility and hope. And today I am turning over a new leaf. I am leaving all the crap behind me now, and am moving onwards and upwards! I am excited about my future today and feel the best is truly yet to come as a good friend always tells me. I also feel more hopeful about love, too. A good friend has reminded me that I deserve only the very best in love, and I am not going to settle. I've settled most of my life, but no more. So next go around & when I'm ready to open my heart again, I will be very picky. My heart is very precious, I have a lot to offer someone and therefore, I will give my heart to only the truly deserving. I have also learned this through my recent experiences in love. I am awesome, and when I love, I give someone all of myself. Well this last experience where I was treated very poorly has yet again taught me that I deserve better.




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