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I missed a whole day. I took too many klonipin on Thursday and the next thing I knew it was Friday night. I didn't feel sick or anything, just confused.  The biggest confusion of all is that klonipin really can make you sleep if you take enough of them. Who knew?

Well since I hadn't eaten all day, I decided to go to the Wendy's that's open late night to get some food. I missed them by a few minutes, although I could see someone inside but didn't want to bother her. Looks like she was packing up. Well, the 24/hr Walmart which was right there was open. Lots of parking in the front where the lights are. People inside, surprisingly a lot of women, including one in a wheel chair right ahead of me. I felt pretty safe. I meant to get real food but got some mini chocolate cupcakes and some chocolate brownie ice cream. Paid at the cashier. Went back to my car and prepared the five minute drive home.

There was a distracting pull over by the cops on one side of the road from me, but I was able to drive event-free around it but somehow I spaced out after the turn and missed the turn into my apartment. (It's a small sign that you can blink or miss of off a main road). I had to go up a bit and make annother u-turn to go back around to the entrace.  A few minutes later, a police siren went on. They couldn't possibly be turning it on for me? When I realized it might be me, I didn't know where to pull over because I was on a main road and pulling over with some cop I don't know in some odd location seemed weird. So I let him follow me into the turn into my apariment complex. Which apparently he didn't like. He said I was obviously on something. I told him I took klonipin yesterday. He said I was abusing my medication, which how would we know without seeing the bottle and how many I should take?(which I told him I could go show him) i was nervous so my math could've been off. He said the car wasn't in my name, but that's because it was in my husband's name. Who wouldn't answer his phone.Even with the cops knocking on the door allegedly. I had no trouble getting him up as soon as they let me ride over and open the door myself with my key.

My husband went out to talk to them. They said I was driving reckessly. swerving etc, and that they almost arrested me. Then why does my ticket say that I was driving without my headlights (possibly, wouldn't be the first time I've done this if I was tired/not thinking) and the driving carelessly box wasn't even checked? If they thought I was drunk, why not issue a sobreity test? They never even brought it up. Why not ask to see a pill bottle to valify the klonipin was mine? They never asked. They made it seem weird that I drove out to walmart at 3 am when I explained I'd been sleeping all the day before. I was hungry.

Now I have this ticket. if i were indeed driving carelessly, it should have been marked and I of course would feel horrible about it. I can't even drive anywhere at all until my husband gives me back my keys which he took last night.  If I won't have access to my keys over one dumb mistake of not having my  light turned on, they he might as well sell the car. But then who would give him rides to places he needs to be since he can't drive? I have a doctor's appointment in 4 days and I need some way to get there or just screw it.

Should I go to traffic court to contest the ticket? Surely I'm not the only person who forgot to turn on their lights while driving at night? Were they just looking for an excuse to arrest someone else? Can they claim I was driving recklessly without marking it on the ticket? I can do traffic school to avoid getting points taken off my license but of course you have to pay for this plus the ticket, and is this the same as admitting wrongdoing?

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I don't know why I named this blog entry "arrested" when I wasn't. Should have said "ticketed". Although the ticket doesn't exist in the online system, so maybe it doesn't even exist. 

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Eh, now that the dust's settled, I'm taking it as a lesson learned. I was obviously still upset when I wrote this and now I kind of wish I hadn't. If I could do it over I wouldnt have gone out at all, but I'm still not sure where I would've pulled over. I felt safer where we ended up. Oh well.

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