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Loving Heart ~ Love to My Friends



My heart last night and this morning has been so full of love for everyone it is bursting. I feel so full in my spirit, simply because of loving people. I love all of my friends. I love all of my close DF friends. Everyone is just so dear to me. So many have helped me along my path of life, and so many have brought joy, laughter, and support in my life, I am so very grateful. Thinking back on all the memories with my IRL friends, and how much I value those fun times we've had. My friend, Stacy, in particular has been truly amazing to me, and so has my friend, Diana. I wish they could read this post because I am sending all my love and best wishes out to them right now. They've been mainstays in my life since college. Stacy and I did a week-long camping trip in California years ago which was a blast. We laughed so hard together. Stacy is just a fireball. She's hysterical. I love her so much and miss her greatly. And Diana has let me crash on her couch numerous times when visiting in California, and I spent Thanksgiving with she and her family, it was wonderful. Diana is a very positive spirit who has a very positive influence on me. She doesn't let challenges or life issues drag her down. Granted, she doesn't suffer from depression so it's probably easier for her, but her positive attitude and outlook are infectious and always rub off on me. Anyways, they say that after heartache, your heart grows back twice as big. For me, I believe that to be true.

Piggybacking off this feeling of deep love for my dearest friends, I am learning to embrace self-love for the first time in my life. It is changing my entire life right now, and my entire life's perspective. If you're interested, here's my post on self-love:


This post is meant to send love out to all my DF friends that I value and cherish, and to all those whom I don't yet know.



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