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What's New ~ Bored Stiff



I haven't exactly worked in two days -- well three if I count last Friday. My boss is in India and is being completely unresponsive so I have nothing to do but job search. She wants me to leave anyways, I do believe. So I am bored stiff surfing the Internet all day looking for jobs, chatting with friends, emailing friends, reading articles and watching movies. The time ticks by ever so slowly this way. Wish I had a project to work on.... that helps the day go by much more quickly. This is as painful as watching paint dry, LOL. I have one more hour to "work" and can't think of anything to do. Online shopping? Download new music? A YouTube guided meditation? Anything to pass the time. This is ridiculous. My whole job is ridiculous. How my boss thinks this works well is beyond me. Maybe I'll do a headstand and let the blood rush to my head, LOL. Now there's something to do.



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6 hours ago, carter_burn1 said:

Ah, boredom...the silent killer.

Isn't it though???


4 hours ago, Searchingforasoul said:


The headstand sounds pretty good!

Let your hair down, Riv. Do some  crazy good stuff!


Why not, right??? LOL! Isn't that a yoga position or something? Maybe I'll start striking yoga poses for the fun of it. Hehehe. =) Hugs back!

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