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Tough Situation



I would like a change to my current situation, but it's extremely hard to accomplish. My hope is that I would like to have a social life, but it's tough cos I'm living with my parents. And there's like no way I can meet people or approach them or anything. I have Crohn's so I'm not in school or work, and I have Asperger so it's near impossible to approach people. Oftentimes I think that my life sucks and it's true. And it's not getting better. My therapist is of no help. There's just no solution. It's been like this for over two years now. I mean I used to live alone, but I didn't know how to meet people then either.


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 It sounds like you have never had a friend. Your really not missing much I think you are too hard on yourself. It seems like your missing out something but whena friend find another friend you feel bad. I have had this happen a cuople of times. So either way your not happy. There are a lot of pretenders they got it all together but really they hurt. So what i'm trying to do is enjoy being alone although I have a dog I'm my own best friend no one in this world is not going to let you down and feel rotton. Enjoy the free time do what you want to do, the problem is what to do if you have limits like a disibility and a lot things you want to but can't. Figure out how to take advantage of all your free time, embrace it and maybe when you find what you and your self can do together. No doubt about it when you have friends walking together laughing they have lots of problems like us and it probably has to do with one of them friends he's laughing with. your friend Scott

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It may sound strange these days, but why not ask your parents to help? give you suggestions or even completely take over the task of helping you get a social life themselves. They might even fix you up with some hobby to try or group to join. Parents often care about their kids more than the children realize; yours care enough to let you live there and would probably be glad of the chance to help make things better for you. I have Asperger's too; although we have no instinct or feel for social situations we can learn to imitate what they do if we watch others socialize. It's like any handicap: just because your legs don't work doesn't mean you dont want to run, and just because you can't socialize doesn't mean you aren't lonely. I wish I had asked my parents to sort out my social problems but once you're grown you tend to think it's all up to you to sort out. Include your family, consult with them. We are social beings not meant to go it alone.

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