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Acceptance is the hardest part.

My empire of dirt


These past months i have been trying to come to terms with my life and trying to be ok with the way things have turnedout .I guess theres no rules when it comes to life you or either lucky in love and friends or your not. So for those of us leftout how do you deal? well i still haven't figured that out yet. I would love to know how one puts it aside and functions? How do you live from day today without it eating at you and making you a wreck? Why is it that some of the most rotton peiople you will ever come across have family,friends and love?  I mean these people mistreated others their whole lives and they get rewarded with love and happyness while others get nothing. The left behind don't even get understanding in this world nevermind love and friendship its as if we have the plague and if you go near us or dare to love us  you will be putdown for it or even die. This world is a shallow one where real love is just a pipedream   the reality is what kind of car you drive or whats in your bank account determines if someone will love you. I wonder if everyone knows that their husbands, wifes, girlfriends, boyfriends don't really love them that infact they are probably there for some other reason other then love. And i guess to these people in their minds its better then being alone so i understand that wanting to be with someone even if its not love. To some if not most the  illusion of love is better then no love at all i mean nobody wants to grow old alone and have no  friends no family no.children. So that leads me back to how to deal and accept what can't be changed? I have no answers and no one here has them either so what do you do? How do you put a smile on your face when your soul is crushed? How do you watch tv workout go to the store eat dinner and just live when you are this miserable? 


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Wish I had the answers..

It.s pipedreams and df keeping me sane at the mo..If one can call this sanity.

Sometimes, they come true, even the pipedreams.

I have to believe that.

All the best, Empire.

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I feel really sorry about what you have to endure. Don't think of it as pity, think of it as compassion. Remember this is an illness. Feeling bad about yourself is a SYMPTOM of the illness, it is not who you are.

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