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In Stillness, the blocks of Sprinting



You were not a mistake.  Your body says lay down.  And the world calls you 'guilty'!

For not sweeping the floors in harmony with them.

For not holding your breath

To make your body square

To fit into their cubicle

Action, action, action, don't just stand there, do something repetitive and mindless like the rest of us!!

They told us that a body must move alot to remain in motion, eh?

as though laws of rigid body physics applied to the disruptive thought potential of the depressive

But that is a lie

A still body; open, quiet, and listening, not forcing, just being

hears things that the frantic masses

Will never hear standing up.

My best ideas

have come

by laying

the fu ck down.

But when they come, fellow depressives,

write them down

and take that ball downfield

As if this is what you were born to do

Those moments of inspiration, deepest love for humanity, the odd idea that will bend the world into uncomfortable bloom

That's you.



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