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Officer, I have a 4 Cylinder Jeep how could I possibly have sped?



I got stopped by highway patrol a little while ago for speeding. i gave the cop such attitude bc he reminded me of my ex (who's an ex cop). He said that I 'intentionally' sped and he clocked me at 75 as I entered the freeway. What do you have to say for yourself? i said, 'well I drive a 4 cylinder Jeep, so I coudln't even speed if I wanted to. It's a jeep', in  such a sarcastic tone.

i mean come on ... it's a Chrysler product. JEEP: Just Expect Every Problem. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart already... actually, no I lie. it started to fall apart in pieces and I've only had it 1 year. As in the moldings have come off, the window didn't roll down when I drove it off the lot, the "chrome" finish on the logos have started to rub off, the lug covers on my wheels started coming off 1 month in! that's not the point. but Chrysler's reputation saved my @ss on that first level of interrogation.

I also said I intentionally increased my speed bc a i felt that the car next to me appeared to veer on my lane so i got out of the way. i did not intentionally speed and i didn't realize i was speeding when i accelerated. But like a cat with its tail between my legs I said, well I have nothing to say for myself because if what I did was wrong and you saw it, I just can't dispute it.

I felt defeated, by yet another cop. As I always do, I was fixating on my heartbreak and then i get what i saw was the painful reminder of my past on my rear view mirror.  I imagined for some dumb reason my ex coming out from that car (he quit being a cop before he met me) and I just thought, how many people did he stop? I tried hard not to roll my eyes. cops don't like that.

So, I was ready to get the ticket, at $11/mile with a speed limit of 65, I just knew it. knew it was gonna cost.

He asked if I worked for my county (I used to long ago for the Public Defender's Office), I said no. Then he continued his lecture and said well I won't give you a ticket so I'm going to lecture you.

and I was let go. What I thought was weird that the only other time I've gotten stopped in my 14 years of driving I was asked 3 years ago if I worked for the county... and that cop let me go.

hmm.... I took the streets home. I still have that bitter taste of getting stopped. arg.




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Oh you speed racer you! :grinning:

I  do hate seeing those "pretty" lights in my rearview mirror. I've had pretty good luck with cops, they do tend to let me go, and I am not cute or flirty or anything. I don't have to worry now, I drive a 1999 jalopy so I think people are just happy I'm not blocking traffic or anything.

Anyway, you did luck out on not getting a ticket. Well done.

Tickets are such a hassle...... *sigh*

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i just loved your comment bc it made me laugh and I haven't done that in a while. it made me think about stuff other than depression. 

on the stop, yeah I don't do that either, I'm a goof and I'm not perky and blonde (not that there's anything wrong with that obviously) .  im just a brunette curly haired chick- which I much prefer lol. 

but I think he just saw a defeated look with bags under her eyes. I told him I just came back from a suicide prevention training event, which I did come from bc my employer hosted the meeting.

oh god, did mental health work in my favor? 

i drove 65 today. 

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High 5! Score one for Mental Health!!! Way to throw it out there and get yourself out of that ticket. LOL Whoot whoot! :Coopyahoo:

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he said he thought i was drunk because no sober person would drive that fast past a CHP officer, i said i'm coming from work. so he grilled me and it came out, that stuff scares people, you'd swear they think its contagious. geezus. :sly: hehe.

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