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The Road Less Traveled ~ Come With Me



I think of that time in Nepal when those old ladies told us hungry hikers, "It's not rice time yet!", LOL. I think of when I hiked the Himalayas for a full month without washing my hair, and the time we got lost and had to sleep in a cave. I think about the time I lived in my tent in Alaska, gutting fish for a summer, and created a home on the side of a mountain, covered with fish guts each and every day. Then of the time I traveled out west for a year all on my own, working at a ski resort as a ski bum and on a ranch in the mountains, then years later, did it all over again but in a brand new way, trekking around the countryside all by myself. I think of the time I lived in Greece studying archaeology and in Ireland studying the northern Ireland conflict. I think of all the jobs I've had in my life working in so many different types of environments. I think of the time I was an entrepreneur, building and marketing my own websites online, and of the time I hurt my wrist and was unemployed for three years then went to school.

I think of all the experiences I've had and think I am one lucky person. If I died today, I would be satisfied with my life's adventures, despite all my current and past struggles. But there are many more adventures to be had. I hope you are with me through them, my dear love. I hope you are with me.


everest at sunset.jpg
~Mt. Everest at sunset, Nepal

Nepal river ceremony.jpg

~ A blessing of the river, Nepal

New Mexico.jpg
~ scenery traveling through New Mexico

Moe Bike pic.jpg

~ Bike trip in Northern California



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You have had some amazing experiences, RiverLight, and I envy you (not in a mean way)! I wish I had done more of these kinds of things when I had the freedom to do so..

 Beautiful pictures!

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