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Abusive Boss, Abusive Ex, Abusive Current BF?



I have an abusive boss. I am out of work on mental health leave now because of her. It's been three months. She repeatedly yelled at me, falsely accused me, berated me in front of teammates and humiliated me. I didn't deserve it one bit. I work hard and do a great job for her. I contribute ideas and solutions to problems. She is not adept in her own job, is failing at it, and is insecure, therefore, she bullied me. My PTSD gets triggered by her..... anxiety full blown.

I also have an ex abusive boyfriend who reared his ugly head yesterday. it's been three years since we parted. But our mutual friend told me how he (my ex) to this day claims that I am completely crazy, unstable and bi polar. Well, I am not bi-polar, but even if I were, he shouldn't be attacking me for it and putting me down. This convo stirred up lots of old feelings of anger, resentment, hurt and disgust. I think of this person as an ape having a fit in a cage and throwing his sh*t at people, having a tantrum while I watch semi-amused behind a glass window. He threw tantrums and raged against me. Projected all of his own issues onto me, which I didn't deserve.

Now my current boyfriend shows signs of borderline verbal abuse, as my therapist calls it. She is teaching me to have better boundaries and limits and to walk away when need be. Now I am wondering if I should just completely walk away since he is showing traits I do not like. Control tactics, accusations, blame and shifting responsibility. Warning bells are going off, but I am still willing to hang in there and try to work it out with him. I know I have faults to work on, but he has a ton of work to do on his own, I feel. I hope he can do it.



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