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Vacation was I guess okay, albeit boring and in the beginning it was awful. By the end of it nothing bad happened, but it was just boring. Now I'm back home back to my boring, depressing life.

I'm thinking of starting smoking tobacco. In fact I have decided I will. I've heard that it has worked for some people for Ulcerative Colitis, which is a serious disease that I have. Medical illegal drug has had fantastic results for that disease, but it's illegal in my country, so I'm gonna have to start smoking tobacco, which is more harmful to my body than illegal drug, but my country has terrible laws, so it is what it is.

It is depressing that even if smoking improved my physical condition (regarding the Colitis), I'm still gonna be depressed cos I'm alone :(

I bet a relatively large sum of money on Trump to win the presidency. I'm kind of a supporter of him and at least that would be a small highpoint in my life if he wins cos I'd be happy and I'd win some money too. Of course it really would suck if he loses. But at least I would feel something either way.

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