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Im a loser

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I post on facebook a few times this week - nothing


i post on instagram - nothing


i reach out and text a friend - nothing


its hard not think im some sort of a loser. i try to remind myself that my posts dont get seen, and that people are just busy and its just unfortunate circumstances, but that all wears away after awhile.

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Those who 'see' their friends, they are all numb, and they see nothing, and they 'like' illusions, and they truly love no one.

But here, we are friends who never 'see', we feel only, we feel each other's hurt and each grab a piece of to take away from you.  Because we've ALL BEEN THERE.  Already, 10 people have viewed your blog and grabbed a little piece of your hurt and said 'me too, glad you're here!'.  You're not alone, you stay here forever, and you change your name as fast as you are ready.  I will not call you 'l***r', I will call you and say, hey let's go for a walk and throw the frisbee around.  And remember what being human is all about.



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