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Slammed Door



What if the person you love, the person you are close to, the person you seek support from, the person you want to feel vulnerable around just simply slams the door on your face when you are at your lowest and seeking their love and care?  Not just once, but multiple times within a year... An the pain you are in is caused by them in the first place...

Do you leave or do you stay? If you leave... will it be running away from "what it takes during a rough patch" or will it be "moving on from abuse"?

I cannot decide... But the ironic thing is that irrespective of what I decide... The blame would be on me! either for leaving or for being there as something negative in this person's life...  


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@samdiva, I'm so sorry! This sounds so cold and uncaring! I don't know if it's abuse, but it's certainly not love. I would not stay -- especially not as "something negative in this person's life." If that's how he/she sees you, I say move on. They don't seem to care about you at all. Take care of yourself, since they won't. Wishing you the best.

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So sorry to hear about this too, samdiva, how awful....I feel really bad for you! Take care, good luck and best wishes.....

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