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Haze Is Lifting Up



I broke up. It started beautiful. Eventually it had become emotionally abusive at both ends.

I am in pain. And feel exhausted to start from scratch again. I feel the Loss of Love, and loss of someone I deeply cared about.

But there is a feeling... a feeling of freedom. A feeling of nervous and cautious optimism.

Feels like the Haze is lifting up which had managed to surround me with in fact my own permission.

Today is a good day.

Of course there will be days when I feel only the pain and hurt. There will be days when I miss him and the good times.

But during those days I will remember today. I will remember this feeling.

I have been wishing everyone "happy new year" since the past couple of days.

And now I feel it will be a good year for me. It will be a "happy" one, in its own way indeed.


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