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Hitting the Fan 10/11/05

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My best friend since high school (call her S.) is furious with EX over the events of last week. Here's a small sampling..."I know he doesn't get this, but you must realize that he is putting you back on an emotional course that can lead straight to the hospital again. I have never (since this all started) felt more like emailing him and telling him to leave you the hell alone than I do right now. What a selfish F$%@$& Barsteward! You are supposed to comfort him as he gives this other girl the empathy that he couldn't muster up for his wife of 20 years!!! "She asked me about five times for his e-mail address. I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but I gave it to her. I know that EX will quickly shift the blame to me and demand to know what I told her to make her write him such an inflammatory letter, but she is the wisest person I know and may actually be able to get a point or two across with him. A little background...In high school it was me, EX and S. together all the time. The three of us were extremely tight. Even after EX and I started dating, it didn't change the relationship the three of us had, which continued well into our adult years. Then S. got married, and we included her husband into our little group. But there was just something about the bond the three of us had that was special. It was something I hadn't thought about in a while, and it made me a little sad when I thought of it today and the thought of S. writing an e-mail and blasting EX over his treatment of me. S. and I are as close as we ever were, but the person that was EX does not exist anymore. I miss that person.In other news, a friend of mine is trying to do the "fix-up" between me and one of his friends. I need more info but, hey, what else do I have to do? And I turned in my first writing assignment last night for that class I'm taking. I was thinking about posting it here but not sure if I should. It was supposed to be about a pivotal moment in our lives. Maybe I will share it later.

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