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Drug Addict Vs Someone Who Suffers From Depression


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Is it me or have others witness that people stick up for or feel empathy towards someone with a drug problem more so than with mental illness

I made mention to someone to not trust a specific individual that they let into their home because hes a drug addict and I known him personally and know for a fact that he steals and scopes out homes. the person I was talking to, stuck up for him and showed him empathy and everything.

why is their empathy for drug addiction which is a choice but not for someone like me struggling with depression. im told im not trying hard enough...well is a drug addict trying?

I don't stupid rant for the day

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Yes it can be true that some people will show more sympathy for someone who has a drug problem and won't always recognize someone who suffers from a mental illness, but being addicted to drugs is not a choice. For myself I am a drug addict and not by choice it is a struggle everyday for me as it is for my depression as well. I have almost 18 months clean and sober. I get where your coming from and I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. No one has the right to tell you that you aren't trying hard enough to not be depressed. Your the only judge on that. Don't listen to those people when they tell you that. They aren't worth your time. Im here for you if you ever want to talk. 

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im sorry, poor choice of words, literally. I know its not a choice, but I guess sometimes I feel like that initial first time was a choice. I know its hard though

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Interesting. I often feel like since I have a drug problem, there is less understanding since I can simply choose not to do the drug.

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