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I hope stalemate is the right term for my situation. It's like I am in a pretty good situation in my life. I go to a youth activity group three times a week and it's fun discussing things with people my age.

My problem is that I am not happy cos I'm still alone. As in I have no girlfriend. I would like a girlfriend, but I don't know how to get one. It's kind of hopeless, cos I look 14 (I am 22) and I have Asperger's (mild autism). If I had a girlfriend, I would be happy to start playing poker again (my former job).

So it's like I need to be happy first before I can work. What is the point of working if I'm not happy? What is the point of working for money if I can't use my paycheck to buy happiness? I can just not work and get government aid. Which I am entitled to cos I categorize this situation as depression. I mean, let's say they'd force me to work at this mental state. I would prolly **** myself. So I think this counts as depression. Also I have Crohn's disease, but even if Crohn's was fine, I would still be depressed and entitled to aid.

Everything in my life is great except I have no-one to share it with. It's really frustrating.

As a side note if a girl was with me just because of my money, that would be bad. So really I could have all sorts of problems and my situation could be a lot worse. But on the other hand my situation could be so much better if I had that one last problem fixed.

And I feel kind of silly cos almost every blog post I complain that I have no girlfriend. But it is what my life is and it helps a little to get this frustration out, so please bear with me.

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