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I'm going to this youth activity center for six hours three times a week now. I guess it's slightly better than staying at home when you take into account that it kills time and it's slightly cheaper than buying food from the store.

Today we were talking about dreams. My dream is to move to another country within three years cos maybe I would be happy in that country. I'm just so bored of my life in this country. I don't quite know how to explain. I live in a constant state of not quite depression, but certainly not happy. Only way I could see myself happy is I guess if I had a girlfriend. But I can't get one cos I'm unattractive and antisocial. But anyway, it's this country too. Somewhere else must be better. More exciting. That's my dream, and I'm gonna make it happen.

I told the youth activity group my dream and they kind of dismissed it. They said I have to work out my problems here and moving to another country isn't gonna do any good. Luckily I've learned from Kanye that others always try to bring you down. But I'm not gonna listen to them. I am gonna fulfill my dream. If I don't do it, I'm gonna regret it when I'm old. I'll always wonder what could have been. I have only one lifetime. I'm gonna make the most of it. Maybe it's not gonna work out, and in that case I'll come back. But at least I tried and I have no regrets.

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