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Positive Change

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Yesterday was my first day at a youth activity center. It's nice to be able to spend time with others and not be bored and lonely. I'm gonna start going there four times a week.

My doctor has said I'm out of options for medicine and he's pitching surgery where they would place a temporary bag on me. I'm firmly against that cos I just don't want that and that's my decision! I've been searching for alternative treatments to my Crohn's disease and there is one where I grow a plant for like 10 weeks and then I can try out the medicine. It's a natural product and many other medicines I've been on have had worse possible side effects, so I'm looking forward to trying this idea.

My ex-girlfriend is bipolar or something. Now she has shown signs that maybe it's possible for us to get back together again, a year since we broke up. She hadn't kept contact with me in months and now this. I'm just not gonna care about that much cos I'm done with her. She's just so annoying. It's like when I want to be with her she doesn't want to be with me and the opposite too! It's like she just wants to bother me. I'm not gonna give her attention anymore.

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