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Just Looking Around & Being Grateful

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Today is a holiday in Canada. it goes by all sorts of different names depending where you live.

I am visiting with my husband at his cottage north of the city for this long weekend. He has been able to be up here for most of the summer b/c he was teaching an online course instead of classroom ones. I have been in the city b/c I landed a part-time job assisting at a clinic downtown. The job is a huge challenge - so much to do within short periods of time. It is so tightly timed, I think you could say it is 'choreographed'. I am looking forward to when it will be so much more familiar to me that I don't have to pause and think - what am I doing now? Hopefully it can become second nature.

I am so grateful the clinic owners even considered me for the job. & I am also grateful that a coworker showed me a process map she made of the job duties. It helped me learn in a way I find comfortable. The person who trained me doesn't learn that way so it was very difficult and I was so slow in understanding what the job was about. That process map was written in 'my language' so I could understand it. Thank goodness.

I am also very grateful for my T. I am able to have weekly appts with her. I need to develop more independence in my life. I was not doing very well at all this time last year and my T was extremely helpful and supportive. When things were really bad, she would try to fit me in for a 2nd appt if it was possible. She also referred me to some organizations where i got more specific help. I know I am blessed to have someone looking out for me like that.

Earlier in the year, one place I was referred to accepted me into a clinical trial for rTMS (repetitive transcranial magentic stimulation). It was a 6 wk program and it did help. I didn't get to remission but I did respond to the treatment. They left the door open for me to return should thinks go off the rails again. Hopefully that won't happen.

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How blessed you are to have such a rewarding job! Things sure are looking up for you, and being thankful is always a good thing. I would love to work at a clinic, helping others-just not sure I am clinic material, haha. But I am glad you are, both the clinic and  patients are blessed to have you on their team!

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I know, it is a real blessing.  I wasn't expecting it.  It is really hard work and I want to master it.  It is a maternity leave replacement position for a year but who knows?  Next Wednesday they will also start training me to work at reception for booking appointments and all the rest of it. 

Thank you for  your kindness, oOPsXD.  That's really nice of you to say.

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