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I F'ing Hate Alcohol


Entry posted by %s


I HATE alcohol. I hate what it does to my mind and body. I hate how I'm no good for anything the next day after going on a bender.

I loaded up over the weekend. Didn't drink yesterday (Sunday) though. I walked to the library this a.m. and began to sweat within 1/3 of a mile from home. It's a little humid but not terrible, so the sweat was the result of my drinking earlier in the weekend.

I love to walk. But when I booze it, even walking is difficult because of the sweating.

So why do I drink?

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I know what you mean. For me I am an alcoholic and drug addict. Its hard not to drink, but it takes time and its a hard battle to not drink but in the end it is worth it.

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I'm an alcoholic...been sober for 4 years now after I hit my rock bottom. Why did I drink? To boost my self confidence and to bury my problems so I could feel happy for a while. Also, as you get older those hang overs are brutal!

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