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Rough Day

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My day started with me playing a computer game, just trying to **** time. Even when playing the game I thought about my ex-gf.

Then I smell a bad smell coming from somewhere. I check my cat's litter box to see that she hasn't pooped so it can't be that. Then the game goes badly so I'm a little mad and I also get a headache. I quit playing and then I see my cat and I see that she has a major dingleberry. Like a big lump of loose poop stuck in her fur in the rear. I try to get it out using paper towels, but it's hardly working. Then I fill a large bucket with water and fight to get a hold of her and then I kind of drop her in the bucket cos she's squirming so much. The "good" thing is that it's a low bucket so she gets out quickly and runs out of the bathroom her backside all wet. So now she's making the floor all wet.

I don't think any of the floor got damaged cos of the water so that's good. I have had that happen before though, and that's bad. Like she used to have a peeing problem and I'm prolly gonna have to replace some of the floor and it might cost a lot. The good thing is that I've fixed the problem with her peeing and now she uses the litter box only.

So now I'm just really depressed about this whole situation. My gf too. I still haven't got over her and maybe never will. Like in my mind, why would I try to get over her as I was really happy with her and maybe she'll come back if I try to get her back hard enough... But I don't know. My life just seems hopeless right now. This is one of the worst days I've had in my life.

Also I called animal help line and the first thing I hear is "This call costs 10 euros." Well I freaking hang up the phone, but they're prolly gonna charge me anyway. I just don't know what to do. I'm not thinking straight. I have a headache. It's at least 12 hours till my parents arrive to help me. What am I gonna do... I know I'm not gonna **** myself, but like what do I freaking do right now to **** time/not lose my sanity...

Her rear has still got poop stuck in the fur. It's just such a difficult situation.

And also I wanna say that I love my cat and she's the greatest creature in the world. It's not the cat's fault of course.

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Hey qwerty21, Sorry you're having a bad day, hang in there.  Lie your cat her on her back on your knee with her head towards you and use some scissors and damp cloth to remove the poop.  This is what I do with mine and it's easier to control her this way.  (((hugs)))

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