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Intensive Dbt Program



Today I meet my psychologists for the next year while I do an intensive small group of dbt. It has a weekly meeting plus an hr appointment with my psychologists on different days. The also encourage you to call anytime you need support.witch I will have to learn as I find that very hard.....

So it looks like a lot of hard work ahead but I am praying it's for the best.


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A lot of people find DBT very helpful, I hope it is so for you!  It sounds like you're gonna get a very thorough teaching with lots of support.  That's great!

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That's what I have heard that it has a high success rate. It last for a whole year so I hope it works well with me. It's going to be hard work but I am willing to give it a shot. But this is my last time so if this doesn't work I will give up.

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